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The effect of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder on the Limbic System of Brain,
Journal of Orange County Psychological Association, June, 2018

• Neuropsychological Assessment in Traumatic Brain Injury in Forensic Arena,
Journal of Orange County Psychological Association, November, 2016

• Goddesses and Women:, November 2010

• Psychological Evaluation: Journal of Orange County Psychological Association,
Jan-Feb. 2010.

• Curriculums for continuing education courses: Anatomy of Injury, 2007, neuro-
psychological evaluations, 2007, disability evaluation, 2007 for Med Claims Group.

• Sexual Harassment at Work and Post-Traumatic Stress: Forensic Expert Witness

• Forensic Psychologist in Sexual Harassment Complaints: Long Beach Bar
Association, Summer 2004.

• Forensic Psychologist in Sexual Harassment Complaint: Forensic Expert Witness
Association, Spring 2004.

• Doctoral Dissertation, 1993-1994, (Reprints Available Upon Request): A
Psychohistorical Research and Analysis. (Of the king of Iran).

• Numerous Articles and interviews in numerous newspapers and magazines,
Since 1985-1994:

• Psychological adjustment of Persian men and women in relationship to their
forced immigration to the United States.
• Family issues and generation gap.
• Managing behavior problems in children.


Alzheimer’s Group of Irvine:
Competency Evaluation, October 16, 2019
Orange County Bar Association:
Mental Disability Accomodation & Litigation, November 2011.
Orange County Bar Association:
Expert Witness and Employment cases, to be presented on October, 2010.
Orange County Psychological Association:
Disability Evaluation, April 2010
Orange County Psychological Association:
Sexual Harassment and it’s Consequences, October 2008
Palos Verdes School District:
Parents Helping Parents, Motivating Children, 2005
Little Company of Mary Hospital-San Pedro:
Depression and Treatment, March 19, 2004.
Loyola University (Graduate School of Psychology):
Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing, November 2003.
Beverly Hills Employment Attorneys Association:
Sexual Harassment: Law and Psychology, August 2002.
Pepperdine University:
Psychotherapy technique, Summer 2001
California State Univ. Northridge:
Therapy with middle-easterners, May 2000.
Robert F. Kennedy Hospital:
Teenage Suicide: February 1996
Persian community, Women Organizations 1995-2002
Public Schools Faculty in Los Angeles: 1990-1993
Numerous lectures for school teachers, regarding mental health.
Suncrest Hospital (Psychiatric): 1992-1993
Numerous Lectures on children’s psychological disorders, adolescent depression and
posttraumatic stress disorder in adults and children.
City of Carson Employees: 1992
Job stress and effective stress management.
Woodland Hills Presbyterian Hospital: 1989
Secondary impotence in men, due to anxiety.
Libraries and YMCAs in the Palisades, Marina Del Rey, and Westwood and
Chamber of Commerce: 1985-1992
Family relationship
Children in the family dynamics

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