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"Integrity is telling myself the truth,and honesty is telling the truth to other people."

Spencer Johnson


A Brief description of who I am

I am a clinical and forensic psychologist. I have been a mental health professional
for thirty nine years, working in clinical and hospital settings, as well as teaching
clinical and forensic psychology courses at several universities in their graduate
programs. I am frequently retained as an expert witness mainly in civil cases,
where there are claims of psychological trauma and injury as the result of:
- Sexual Harassment at work
- Discrimination in employment
- Wrongful termination
- Police misconduct
- Severe accidents
- Medical malpractice
- Wrongful death

My role is to assist in developing the case by reviewing documents first,
evaluating the individual, and analyzing the data to determine if there are true
psychological injuries caused by any of the above situations. If so, to determine
the degree of damages and future prognosis, as well as developing a future
treatment plan with estimated costs.

I always request to review all the existing relevant medical, psychological,
psychiatric, employment and legal records. I often examine the plaintiff with a
clinical interview and psychological testing. Collateral interviews may become
necessary as well.

Each case is unique with its own complexities. By accumulation and compilation
of the data and analyzing the data I discover the hidden pieces of the puzzle, and
then re-assemble them and formulize my opinions. I often provide a report that
puts forth the summary of how I have approached the evaluation and how I have
arrived to my opinions. Though the process of such assessment and evaluation
may be complex for lay persons, my reports are written in a fashion that a non-
psychologist would understand. This is also true in testifying as an expert witness;
my opinions are expressed to the court and to the jury in an understandable and
logical manner.

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620 Newport Center Drive, 11th Floor
Newport Beach, CA  92660

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